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9 Aug

Okay, first things first. I went to the gym today after visiting my chiropractor. Because this is a small town, there were only two other people in the gym. That was fine by me. After 15 minutes, I was the only person left in the gym. That was even more fine by me.

I guess nobody wants to work out on a Friday night? I don’t blame them. If I wasn’t fat, I wouldn’t work out, either.

I did a bunch of stuff at the gym — treadmill, bike, weights. It felt good. Well, talk to me tomorrow about how it felt, because I’m sure I’ll be sore. It did feel good to move, though. I also ate relatively healthy today, discounting the lovely chocolate zucchini cake my Mom made us. I had a small piece after she told me it was “healthy” because it was made with zucchini. Riiiiight.

My Mom always seems to have radar for when I’m trying to avoid sweets and then she makes something delicious to tempt me. Last time I started an attempt at healthiness, she made my favorite, homemade cherry pie with freshly picked Michigan sour cherries. I said no to it at the time and I’m not going to lie, I regret saying no. Not having a slice of that pie has haunted me all summer. That would’ve been some tasty pie in my belly.

I have other good news to report. That terrible, awful, hideous number I posted in my last blog is no more. I’ve already dropped lower than those initial three numbers. That’s something to feel somewhat good about, right?

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