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Five Month Struggle

28 Aug

My husband and I have been two passengers on the struggle bus for the last week. First, I got sick with a “summer cold.” It kept getting worse, though, so I went to see my doctor. What do I have? Mastitis and an ear infection. Yuck. Mastitis is awful.

Fast forward a couple days and my husband starts feeling sick. He was getting worse and worse. I forced him to go to urgent care Saturday when I found out he was coughing blood. What does he have? Pneumonia. 😳

We’ve been so scared our little guy might come down with something. So far, he’s been ok. He must be getting some strong antibodies from his milkies. He hasn’t been very nice to us, though. The Judd keeps waking up around 4 a.m. 😩 It’s not cool. I’m exhausted. 

In other news, the little guy’s started foods and it’s so fun to watch his excitement. So far, our only issues have been with prunes and pears. He breaks out in a rash when he eats them. Oh, and he hates avocado. He dry heaved when we fed him that. 

I love that food! I mean, I hate that food!

28 Jul

Food aversions are here and it’s really strange. I will think about a food I normally enjoy, know that I really liked it, but the thought of seeing it or smelling it cooking is absolutely repulsing. For instance, we made a Thai beef with carrots and green beans dish a couple weeks ago. It was really good, except now when I think about it, I want to barf. I know that I liked it so much, but I cannot even comprehend eating it right now.

I’ve also noticed if I don’t eat immediately upon waking up in the morning, I get sick. And I mean, IMMEDIATELY …. before I even get out of bed. And if I wait too long to eat a meal, I’m sick. I guess the moral of the story is that I need to make sure I eat constantly or else I end up sick.

On the flip side, cravings are also starting. I’ll think of some random food and it will sound like THE MOST AMAZING FOOD IN THE WORLD and I will need it in my mouth ASAP. Like guacamole. Guacamole sounds AMAZING! And chicken tacos! AMAZING! This past weekend, I wanted nothing more than cherry strudel with a scoop of vanilla gelato from an orchard/pie pantry near my parents’ house. I went down to visit my parents and convinced my mom to go get strudel with me (though she opted for a caramel apple dumpling) in the middle of the afternoon. Strudel! AMAZING!

These cravings are all fine and dandy when it’s something I have access to. My other insatiable craving is for pimento cheese. There was an AMAZING cheese place in DC called Cheesetique. They made the most delicious pimento cheese and pimento grilled cheese sandwiches (part of their “grown-up grilled cheeses”). I would love one right now, but that’s not going to happen. And unfortunately, none of the cheese dealers in Michigan have produced a pimento cheese on this level. I miss it so much. I would eat a whole tub of it right now, even with my ban on cheese/dairy (which has been lifted ever so slightly since I found out I’m pregnant).

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