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What This Is vs. What This Isn’t

8 Aug

I had big plans after work today to get my husband signed up at the gym, too. Unfortunately, fate didn’t have that idea written in ink on the priority list of life. My husband got stuck at work late and by the time he made it home, the manager people at the gym were gone for the day. *cue womp, womp sound*

I got to thinking about it while I was walking the dog out by the corn fields and you know what? My success or gym attendance really shouldn’t hinge on another person. I got myself into this fatness and I have to get myself out. I can do this, right? Right?!

Let’s do a flashback to this morning. I got up to take a shower and I stepped on the scale of shattered dreams. It pains me to write this or even admit this, but it said 240 pounds.

240 pounds. It’s the most overweight I’ve ever been in my whole life. The biggest number. At my lightest, I was probably around 150-160 pounds. I’m 5’10”.

So, yes, I am tall for a lady, but I can’t make excuses. What the eff did I do to myself to get here? Just stop caring?

I don’t eat everything in sight, either. I think I have for-shit metabolism, but again, that is another excuse. I don’t really work out anymore. I work all the time. I stress eat. More excuses. Excuses. I have to stop with the excuses.

I have to believe and tell myself that today is the last day that scale will say 240 pounds. I will go to the gym tomorrow. I will sweat. I will feel my limbs cry. In a few weeks, I’ll feel better.

So, let me set some ground rules for what this blog will and won’t be about since I’m starting this healthy business ASAP.

I will not post:

  • Workout statistics (I ran eleventy-billion miles today! I biked the length of a state! I lifted 435 children with one arm! I went to yogalates!)
  • Pounds or inches lost (except after hitting a milestone, possibly)
  • Calorie details (I ate 10 calories worth of Extra gum today. Man, do I feel satiated!)
  • Endless food and portion information (Today, I ate 8 almonds, 2 eggs, 42 pieces of celery, and 24 bits of cardboard!)

All of the above are things that bore me to death with health/fitness blogs. I never really care to read that about other people, so there’s no way I’m doing that to you, dear readers.

I will post:

  • My thoughts while working out
  • My thoughts while not working out
  • My thoughts in general
  • Fears
  • Victories
  • Hopes
  • Feelings
  • Funnies
  • History
  • And who knows what else?

I’m undecided about posting:

  • Personal information (my name, my friends’ names, my family member’s names, my pets’ names)
  • Real, live photos of me losing weight. Maybe I should crop out my head, but if I do that, no one will see when I manage to lose my double chin!
  • The occasional healthy recipe. I mean, hey, if I find something I really like, I’d better archive it, right?

That’s all for now. Tomorrow I’m getting down to business! Let’s do this!

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