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Baby Weight

26 Sep

It’s time to get healthy and lose the baby weight. My husband also put on sympathy weight while I was pregnant. We started our lifestyle change today. We want to be healthy and happy and set a good example for our son.

Stepping on the scale and admitting to each other that we’re both the most overweight we’ve ever been in our lives kinda sucked. Okay, it really sucked. I keep telling myself that this morning was the last time I’ll ever see that terrible number. 

I’ve been really depressed about my “mom pooch” and body in general for months. None of my old clothes fit. I have obliques of flab. I’ve been wearing maternity clothes or LuLaRoe for months.   And then at night when I was feeling emo about it all, I’d eat my feelings. So yeah, it’s time for a change around here!

We can do it!

Living Vicariously Through Coffee Creamer

14 Aug

When you’re trying to be healthier, you have to give things up you enjoy. You realize there’s a reason you got to this place and a lot of the junk you stuff into your piehole is what you really shouldn’t be eating anyhow. Stuff like pints of Ben and Jerry’s, Little Debbie cakes, or grilled cheese sandwiches.

When dieting, there is one thing I refuse to give up. It’s non-negotiable. It’s not even a food really. It’s coffee creamer.

To me, coffee creamer is like the last small pleasure I’ll allow myself in my morning brew. It takes me places I’m not allowed to go with way less calories. Yes, the stuff’s full of chemicals. Yes, I know this. I actually prefer the Natural Bliss varieties, which aren’t that bad, but I digress.

Coffee creamer lets me have Girl Scout Cookies. It lets me have ice cream. It enables all sorts adventures in tastiness in my mouth. This is why I won’t abandon my dear coffee creamer. And when I’m out of coffee creamer, I’m one cranky bitch.

So, world, what is your favorite variety of coffee creamer?

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