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Dang Tasty Chicken

10 Aug

I did some things right today and I did some things wrong today.

First, I had a massage with my favorite masseuse this morning. She worked on my icky knees and shoulder, so that was fabulous. Afterwards, I headed to the gym (YES!) and worked out. I even ran. It wasn’t for long and I didn’t go far, but I ran. It kinda felt like my legs might fall apart, so I stopped and went back to walking. I also spent some time on the bike. Again, there were only two other fitness souls at the place. I kind of like the lack of bodies there. It makes me feel less self conscious. My cousin also left me a note that she just joined the same gym, so perhaps I’ll have a workout buddy going forward!

After working out, I went home and helped my Dad roll up netting that was in part of our garden. It was a lot of netting. I came in, showered, re-dressed, and managed to fall asleep sitting up in the living room. See, working out is tiring and all. I was exhausted. That might also be because my dog manages to push me off the bed nearly every night, but I digress …

By this time, my husband was home from work (yeah, poor guy had to go in on a Saturday) and we decided to go to the health food store to pick up more foods for our healthiness journey. $250 bucks later and we emerged from the store, but not after I managed to drop a glass bottle of agave-sweetened soda on the floor during the checkout process. Smooth.

This is where my relatively-healthy day takes a turn for the worst. On the way home, we stopped at this fried chicken place in the middle of nowhere (it’s my Dad’s favorite) and bought chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy home for dinner to surprise him. Oops. I may have eaten more than one thigh. Double oops. It did taste delicious, though. My dog stalked me the entire time I was eating it. I probably shouldn’t have eaten that for dinner. Now, I’m experiencing eater’s remorse.

Speaking of remorse, my husband and I decided we’re both going to do a colon cleanse. We bought 30-day kits at the health food store. I guess even if it ends up being a terrible experience, it’ll make for hilarious blogging, eh? I’ve never done one before. I suppose it’s a good thing we have 3 bathrooms. Ha!

Anywho, tomorrow, I’ll do better with my eating. No more friiiiied chicken. Instead, I’ll enjoy some of my fish-in-a-box. Applewood smoked petite rainbow trout, for the win!


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