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Happy Birthday, Not-So Little Man

24 Mar

I’m taking a break from total exhaustion to let you guys know that my baby boy arrived! 

My water broke at Buffalo Wild Wings on Sunday, his actual due date! My midwife told us to head in that night since I’m strep b positive and have to be on IV antibiotics.

This is about the point where my whole birth plan went out the window.

1. My waters partially broke on Sunday. The whole bag didn’t rupture and it was near baby’s head and cord, so we spent the next 24 hours trying to make something happen naturally and avoid prolapse of the cord. 

2. I got to 5 centimeters and my doc came in to examine me, the remaining waters ruptured everywhere. I started getting worried. Baby’s heart rate plummeted. We got whisked away to the OR for an emergency c-section.

3. I was a shaking, crying mess and so worried about out little one. I could feel on my left side despite getting an epidural earlier (sidenote: nothing on my birth plan went as planned, it was time to be flexible), so they gave me a spinal. 

4. I felt like I couldn’t breathe until I heard our baby scream out.

5. I had an 11 pound 7 ounce, 23 inch baby in me. I repeat, 11 pounds. 7 ounces. 23 inches. Holy shit, y’all. No wonder I felt terrible throughout pregnancy!

6. We’re all exhausted but doing great so far. Breastfeeding a giant baby is hard. 

39 Weeks

17 Mar

Well, I’m still pregnant. I’m really ready to have this kid. It’s getting harder and harder to sleep, get comfortable, move, eat, and generally exist. I guess he’s not ready to make his debut just yet, though.

Next week, I start non-stress tests and stress tests to make sure he’s still doing okay since I’ll be past my due date at that point. My OB imparted this lovely wisdom on me yesterday. He said, “Usually when women say they’re done with being pregnant and ready to deliver, they have about a month left to go. When they’re completely miserable, it’s usually another week.”

Fantastic. Lump me into that completely miserable category.

I am very excited to meet the little one. When I do sleep, I’ve had crazy vivid dreams. I had one where I delivered and they put him on me and he immediately latched on and started feeding. I was rejoicing and telling everyone I was the BREASTFEEDING CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! It was so real that I woke up thinking I was in the hospital and had just nodded off. Nope. Just a dream.

I took a scary tumble toward the end of last week. Our cat bolted out of the house when I opened the front door and I was chasing after her and fell on our porch. I caught my hand on the siding by our front window and sliced my hand open. Thankfully, I did not fall on my stomach. I fell on my knees, so they took the brunt of the tumble. It did not feel good and I am still not trusting that shady little kitty. What a punk!



38 Weeks

6 Mar

I’m ready to have this kid, y’all. I hurt everywhere, doing anything is a chore, I get heartburn from daring to drink water, and even getting in and out of the car is hard. I also have pregnancy carpal tunnel. That’s just more annoying than anything. I’m looking forward to feeling my hand again. It is TIME. 

I’m worried I won’t know when I’m in labor. My BFF didn’t know. Everyone says “you will know,” well, what if you don’t? I have started feeling more violent contractions lately, but none of the 5-1-1 business they tell you to watch for before you call the doctor.

Of course, of course, all the suffering and little annoyances will be worth it times a million once he gets here. I can’t wait to meet the little guy. I’m excited to meet him and terrified labor will be excruciating. I’m excited to be finally be a mom and terrified to be in charge of a tiny human life. These must be the yins and yangs of parenthood. 

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